About Alpinet

Dear ladies and gentlemen, Alpinet a.s. was founded in 1993. Today the company is a modern business group composed of skilled and technically capable professionals prepared to meet the challenges and demands of our customers

The aim of the company is to become a major player in services sector, supply our customers with comprehensive and quality work delivered on time. The company guarantees the high level of expertise of all our staff and continues to provide professional development to employees with regard to new technologies and the specific requirements of our customers.

The company is from the beginning of its existence focused on its work as a higher supplier of buildings at home and abroad in the field of energetics, nuclear energetics, chemical and food industries, power equipment, storage tanks and steel structures. I believe that the decisions of shareholders and management are the best steps for company and lead towards enhancing the competitiveness of joint stock company, and thanks to that ensure its long-term perspective.

We tried to introduce to you our company. Many years of professional experience, commitment and high professionalism of all our staff, satisfaction of our existing customers and our results of operations guarantee the quality of our services supplied. 

We look forward to possible future cooperation.

Sincerely yours
Štefan Gazdík
Chairman of the Board