ALPINET a.s. offers you cooperation in implementing these activities:

  • Development of projects for construction management
  • Engineering activities
  • Preparation of budgets, revisions and scheduling of realization
  • The transfer of the complete works to investors
  • Production and assembly of steel structures
  • High-capacity steel tanks for storage of petroleum, petroleum products and chemicals
  • Installation of pipelines for the energetics, chemical and food industries
  • Implementation of energy equipment, boilers, power units, duct systems, air piping
  • General repair of power equipment, boilers
  • Supply and installation of steam pressure reducing stations
  • Installation, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of heat exchangers, steam separators, condensers and other pressure vessels
  • Supply and installation of flue gas exchangers
  • Repair of heat exchangers, economizers of pressure units for boilers
  • Central steam supply for industrial as well as municipal use
  • Supply and installation of pre-insulated piping system
  • Supply and installation of gas control stations
  • Installation of gas pipelines
  • Revision of pressure and gas equipment

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