„Quality is when the customer returns, not a product or service“

Quality is an important component of management of ALPINET a.s.. It is not only the basis for commercial success in the market, but also carries overall business prosperity, because only quality guarantees economical effective sale of products on comepitive markets.

Alpinet a.s. began in 1998 with the building of quality systems. In August 1999, successfully completed the first stage of establishing quality systems by obtaining a certificate for welding quality system according to the European standard STN EN 729-2, which we have obtained as the first company in Slovakia in the manufacture and installation of welded steel construction and technology units. Furthermore, our company is certified according to quality standard STN ISO 9001:2001.

ISO 9000 is not a sign of quality product or its warranty. ISO 14000 is not a "green" label on products. ISO does not evaluate or examines the quality management systems or the environment. When an organization has a management system certified according to ISO 9000 or ISO 14000, it means that the independent auditor has checked that the process of influencing quality (ISO 9000), respectively. process affecting the impact of the organization's activities on the environment (ISO 14000) meet the requirements of the relevant standards.

ALPINET a.s. is a supplier whose looking for